St. Patrick's Day Parades and more

I am embarassed to admit it but I've never celebrated St. Patrick's Day however, I feel the tide may be a turning....

This morning on the way to music class I noticed Eastchester had the Irish flag flying, then at music our Co-Editor Molly's son was rocking a three-leaf shamrock polo and to top it off we had an Irish jig to dance to in class, so I am now on board and in the spirit of the forthcoming St. Patrick's Day on March 17.

This weekend and next there's some fantastic St. Patrick Day Parades in Westchester so if you want to dress your children in their favorite green t-shirts be sure to take them along to the following local parades:

19th Annual White Plains St. Patrick's Day Parade (Saturday 3/12 at 12pm) - Starting at Mamaroneck Avenue with over 26 musical performances, 5 floats and 90 participating groups. This parade can have many a little too into the 'spirit' of drinking so advice has been to stand further down away from the bars.

26th Annual Mount Kisco St Patrick's Day Parade (Saturday 3/13 at 2pm) - The march begins at Main Street.

27th Annual Peekskill St. Patrick's Day Parade (Saturday 3/12 at 3pm) - This march starts at First Street. If you want to come before there is a St. Patrick's Day brunch followed by Mass. A very family friendly affair.

Sleepy Hollow/ Tarrytown St. Patrick's Day Parade (Sunday 3/13 at 1.30pm) - The march begins at Main Street.

Buchanan St. Patrick's Day Parade (Sunday 3/13 at 2.00pm) - The march begins at Burke Court.

Eastchester St. Patrick's Day Parade (Sunday 3/13 at 3.00pm) - The march begins at Immaculate Conception School. A very family friendly affair.

Yonkers St. Patrick's Day Parade (Saturday 3/19 at 1.00pm) - The march begins at Hyatt and McLean Avenue.

Sound Shore St. Patrick's Day Parade (Sunday 3/20 at 1.30pm) - The march begins at Mamaroneck Avenue.

Leading up to St. Patrick's Day there are a few events being held by local libraries:

  •  White Plains Library (Monday 3/14) - has a suitably themed story time for babies under 2 years old.
  • Mount Kisco Library (Wednesday 3/16) - has a St. Patrick's day has a St. Patrick's Day Story and Craft

On St. Patrick's Day itself (Thursday 3/17), many of our local play spaces and businesses will be holding some fun themed events:

With that I'm off to make a Guiness Cake so enjoy the festivities!