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About the Editors


Andrea Worthington - Owner


I came to Westchester from NYC in 2014, as a soon-to-be new mom in my second trimester. I expected to buy a house near the train and use it as a crash pad while I continued doing everything I loved in the city. What I didn't expect was to fall in love with the lifestyle this county offers: suburban perks with an urban mindset. I also didn't expect to fall in love with being a parent to the point where I left my job as an art director at a media/publishing company to raise my daughter and newborn son. My passion for discovering everything Westchester has to offer our children has led me to BabyGotChat. My aim is to try everything so you don't have to, and report back with direct and honest reviews and recommendations. 

This site is ever changing as we as parents change, so if you see anything that needs to be added or updated drop me a line at


Rosalind Batheja - Co Editor

I was born in South Africa, lived for 15 years in London, with a brief hiatus in Holland, and came to NYC one vacation, fell in love and the rest is history. As a PR professional working in media and fashion, I am used to meeting press deadlines, handling stressed managers and ever so often aiding a wayward celebrity, but nothing compares to a tired, hungry and wet toddler. Something parenthood teaches you is priorities and perspective!

After 5 wonderful years of living together with my husband in London, we felt it was time to return to his hometown in Westchester. Not only is it beautiful here, conveniently close to NYC, great schools, safe, clean, efficient, most importantly are the wonderful people that live here. Ever since I stepped off the plane I have been welcomed and helped, and can think of no better place to call home.

However, to build a home you need a foundation and that is how BabyGotChat was born.