Au Pair with extensive infant experience

Ahmed is an extension au pair from Germany. He has been in the USA for a full year and is extending for a second year. He has been caring for a family with a 4.5 year old boy and newborn twins. He is fluent in English and knows Latin and Spanish, as well. He is an excellent driver and is 21 years old.

His current host family would love to have him stay with them but they are moving to Brazil and Ahmed cannot go with them.  This is what they say:

Ahmed is an excellent au pair. He really stands out in many ways. He is very loving to all the family and really shows his love in his attention to detail, way he communicates with our children, willingness to be flexible to help the family out. He's a very thoughtful and caring member of our family. He also is very mature. A couple of times when we have wanted him to do something differently or given him feedback, he handles the discussion very thoughtfully and maturely. Ahmed also has demonstrated excellent flexibility. When he came, we only had 1 child (a toddler) and I was on maternity leave. Then, at the 6 week mark, our twins arrived! So it was very hectic and we had family in town a lot. Then our family left and we hired a second au pair to help us. All through these changes, Ahmed has adjusted beautifully and been very supportive. I think it's very important to note that we would very happily extend him except that we are moving to Brazil for my husband's job. He has done a great job and is a true asset to our family.

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