South African Au Pair Available

Attributes of : Sandra


She is easy going and comfortable with a great passion for Children. She prefers younger children to teenagers.


She is excited to have an opportunity to go back to the USA again. She is a repeat au pair who has who has great experience. She is currently au-pairing in South Africa, but is wanting to return to get better experience, for personal growth and of course to travel.


She has quite an accurate expectation in that she has been there before. She is prepared to drive the kids around, help with homework, participate in play activities, and is set on making their lives fun. She is sure she will get a supportive family with whom she will have a great relationship.


She is a very confident AuPair, and will speak up should a situation affect her state of being. She handles conflict well and is really good at negotiating with little kids. She has never been homesick and sees the year as a great adventure.


She is clearly very passionate about children. She loves the fact that they are non judgmental. She can dance and have fun with them and they can be silly together. She enjoys doing craft work, baking and if it is the fifth day of snow, she is sure she will still be able to entertain them

Fluent in English

Letter from Sandra to her future host family:

Dear Potential Host Family

My name is Sandra. I am 26 years old and I come from South Africa. I am truly excited to come back to the USA for a second time and be an au pair again!

I am very loving, compassionate, humorous, and I absolutely adore kids! I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I love the outdoors and when the weather is nice I love going to the beach or a pool and having fun in the water. I love the American entertainment industry and enjoy shows like The Bachelor, Survivor and Grey's Anatomy to name a few. I also love being expressive and creative so I studied performing arts. I have been dancing since a young age, but I also love singing and acting. I really enjoy a wide range of sports and don't mind getting down and dirty with little boys and playing soccer or wrestling. I love animals and like to go to the zoo or a petting farm often.

I would make the perfect Au pair for you as I have a lot of experience throughout my life. I lived in America for 18 months as an Au pair and it taught me a great deal about looking after kids and looking after myself. I am very adaptable to most situations and I will quickly acclimatize to life in the US. I am very creative, smart and well mannered. I would be able to teach the kids about my culture and morals, and also just life lessons in general based on my own life experiences and things we will experience together. I would give them all my love and affection and treat them like they are my younger siblings and definitely grow a friendship that can last a life time.

The most important skills I have learned from working with kids is that a kind heart and a big smile can go a long way. It has taught me to be extremely empathetic, compassionate and caring. It has taught me that patience can help even the most daring situations and that being open minded to situations is the best way to go about life. It has taught me that everybody has "bad days", and that it is okay to sometimes be sad or hurt or angry and that a big hug and an ice cream can put a smile on any sad face!

So please consider me to be your new family member if you are looking for a wise yet fun big sister that makes silly jokes and faces... alot!!!

Looking forward to meeting you, 

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