Cultural Care Au Pair - Jennifer Yamuder

Jennifer works in placing au pairs and working with the families to determine if an au pair is the right fit for them. As a host mum to an au pair, Jennifer then moved into working at placing au pairs since 2006 and has helped thousands of families in their search.

The charges are as follows: the agency (Cultural care Au Pair) will charge approximately $8,300 a year. This covers all the administration costs such as air fare, visa, health insurance, car certification, training school, background checks etc. As the host family you will then  pay the Au Pair $195.75 directly.

Cultural Care Au Pair sources men and women ranging from 18- 26 from all over the world in the countries where they have offices. They do not use outside agents to screen the au pairs so a higher standard of care is guaranteed.

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Phone:  (914) 216-8590