Lauren Taylor

Lauren Taylor is a postpartum Doula and Local Childcare Consultant in Scarsdale.

She assists families when a new addition arrives, either by birth or adoption. She is a role model for new mothers while she shops, cooks, feeds the family, does the laundry, cares for the siblings, organizes the home, constructs baby equipment and cares for pets. She keeps the new mother connected to world at the same time she protects the new family unit from intrusion and exhaustion.

When a family makes the transition to long-term childcare, Lauren helps them decide what kind of care will work best for them. When a family chooses an au pair, Lauren’s mission is to provide the host families with the best possible service before and during their exchange year. 

Currently, Lauren has 15 families throughout Scarsdale that she speaks to each month about their live-in au pairs. She has monthly meetings with her au pair group to insure that they realize the full nature of this Cultural Exchange Program. She too provides families and au pairs with direct personal contact, support and information throughout the year.

She can assist families across the USA in their search for childcare. With over 3000 au pairs available at any given moment, an inside perspective can help families to articulate their needs.

As a Childbirth and Parent Educator, birth and postpartum doula, Lauren has been providing families with information and support for over 28 years.  

After graduating from the University of Massachusetts, Lauren moved from Cape Cod to New York City where she met and married Richard Cardinali in 1979. They have three children: twins, Andrea (Keller)and David, born in 1982 and Raymond, born in 1986, a daughter-in-law, Lindsay (Jenkins) and a new son-in-law, Matthew Keller.