Spotlight: Trolls the Experience in NYC

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Finding activities for the kids in this in-between weather can be so challenging. It’s still too cold for outdoor stuff like theme parks, but since it’s not any particular holiday season, there’s not much happening indoors either. A few live shows have passed through town, but it’s hard to get excited about an event where they’ll have to stay in one spot for 90 minutes and the smallest toy to purchase is $25. We’ve done the museums and play spaces; now we’re looking for something a little more…special.

Enter Trolls the Experience! This interactive exhibit for kids in New York City is perfect for a special occasion or kids’ day out. We were invited for a visit last week and we had such a blast, we’re still talking about it! Read on for everything you need to know.


Trolls The Experience


Getting there

The timing was perfect for our trip, as my 4-year-old just got into the Trolls movie and loves watching the songs on her iPad. She was so excited to meet Poppy, she even made a drawing to give to her. The location on 57th street is a bit far from Grand Central to walk, but it was a quick ride on the subway. There’s a Rainbows & Cupcakes Retail Shop & Cafe inside with items at all price points. We were a bit early, so we picked out a a rainbow cupcake to nibble while we waited. Yum!

It’s a party!

As we walked in, we learned that Poppy is putting together a Best Day Ever party. We’re given an invitation with instructions to complete four tasks in order to collect puffy stickers for our scrapbook, then we are ushered up the escalator to get into hair and makeup.


VIP hair and makeup

Our VIP hair and makeup ticket got us a full face of makeup and a Trolls wig to take home. There are four looks to choose from (does anyone not choose Poppy?) and the face painter got to work. Five minutes later, we were transformed into our favorite troll! The wig is one-size-fits-all, so it was a bit loose on our toddler’s head.

If you don’t have the VIP ticket you can still don a party-hat-style cardboard cutout of Troll hair and get your nose painted just like a troll. Either way, you’re ready to play!

Making music

The first stop on our sticker hunt was Branch’s Musical Mash-Up. We helped Branch finish his song by tapping or holding down buttons on the bug-shaped instruments until we got a beat going and earned our first sticker.


Caterbus confetti

Our second stop was inside the Caterbus, where a whirlwind of confetti showered us. It was our job to collect as much confetti as possible to earn our next sticker.


Explore Critter Creek

The next room featured an interactive wall and floor. It was our job to spot the party-goers at they appeared on the screen and tag them with our hands and feet. The small climbing structure in this area was a great spot to let out some energy. This is where we spent the most time. My 4 year old loved exploring the small climb-ons and posing for pics. Once we had enough people invited to our party, we got our next sticker.

Best Day Ever!

We picked out a pair of 3D Glitter Goggles and went into the party room for the Best Day Ever party. Poppy, Branch, and all their friends appeared in digital 3D to dance and sing with us while we let loose on the dance floor. Our stellar party skills earned us our last sticker.


Scrapbooking and Selfies

Then we head back down the escalator to Memory Mile, where we pose at the photo booth for digital and print mementos, then create our Poppy-approved scrapbook. This four-page booklet holds our puffy stickers and photo and has space to color in more memories once we get home.



Our last stop was with Poppy herself! My daughter could hardly contain herself as she got to meet the coolest Troll around. Poppy waved, hugged, and posed for photos. One last stop in the shop on the way out for a Poppy doll, and it may have really been the Best Day Ever!

Our 4-year-old had a blast! The sweet spot for this exhibit is probably ages 5-7, as the scavenger hunt activities might be too organized for toddlers, who just want to roam around without a To Do list. But any age would have fun and enjoy this kooky, colorful world.

Trolls the Experience has been extended through Labor Day. Tickets are available almost every day for specific time slots. Promotions are announced from time to time (we just recently saw a 24-hour buy-1-get-1-free flash sale), so check Facebook. Right now there’s special pricing as low as $24 until April 30. Everyone over 1 year old will need a ticket. Click here for more info and to purchase tickets.

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