Pediatric Associates

Recommended Pediatricians: Dr. Kristen Woodard, Dr. Mary Versfelt & Dr. Lauren Carton 

Phone: 914-251-1100 

Looking for a compassionate, family–centered pediatric clinician in Rye Brook? You've come to the right place. Pediatric Associates,  specialize in medical care for kids.

Their commitment is to help children reach their highest potential by working with parents to promote and maintain their child's physical and emotional well–being from birth up through college years.  Pediatric Associates continuously strive to meet and exceed our patients' expectations while maintaining the highest standards of excellence in pediatric medicine. From prenatal visits and preventive care to treatments of acute illnesses and the ongoing treatment of chronic conditions, Pediatric Associates offers comprehensive medical treatment for children from infancy through adolescence.

Their Rye Brook pediatric clinicians believe that accessibility, understanding and comfort are the cornerstones for an exceptional pediatric practice. To achieve this goal, they offer convenient office hours, helpful patient resources and an outstanding level of support and expertise. So whether you're visiting for the first time or the hundredth time, you'll receive the same quality, educational and compassionate service with every appointment.