Chloe's Kids

Chloe's Kids specializes in unique and inspired classes, events, and birthday parties for children 0-6 years old!  With over ten years experience in the children's entertainment industry, Chloe is thrilled to offer music and movement, art, Baby Signing Time, sensory play dates, and a variety of other programs at locations throughout Westchester, NY.  In addition to this, Chloe's Kids hosts regular events for the Westchester Tots Playgroup and in-home classes and party entertainment.

Paint + Play - Paint, learn, play and explore! Paint & Play is the perfect recipe for fun. This parent-and-me style class features a circle time with a story, songs, themed play items, American Sign Language, musical instrument play and take home arts & crafts projects! Parents and kids alike are sure to love this mix of fine and gross motor activities. (45 min, ages 18-36 months)

Fine Art for Kids - Calling all young artists!  Fine Art for Kids goes way beyond your average arts and crafts class by exposing children to real, professional art materials. Each class will include a mini-art history lesson and an art project inspired by the artists and art movements we've learned about. Kids can let their imaginations run wild with art that may be too big or messy to create at home. We will end the semester with an art exhibit that the whole family will be invited to! (45 min, ages 3-6 years)

Baby Signing Time - Babies crawl before they walk and they sign before they talk! Baby Signing Time is a unique early communication class for caregivers and pre-verbal babies to attend together. In this class, we will use songs, stories, games and activities to learn to communicate using signs from American Sign Language in a way that is fun and easy. Parents are sure to be amazed by the many benefits of signing with babies and toddlers. Our weekly handouts will help families remember the signs we learn. This class is based on the award-winning Baby Signing Time! series and taught by certified instructor Chloe Tompkins. Come sign, play, and find out what's on your baby's mind! (45 minutes, ages 0-14 months)

Sensational Sensory Playdates- Squish it, squash it, smell it, and taste it! All kids can benefit from and enjoy the path-building experiences of sensory play! Give babies, toddlers and kids an opportunity to dig in a giant tub of spaghetti, paint with yogurt finger-paint, and mix rainbow colors into whipped cream!  Each playdate will feature a different fun, messy, and wonderful sensory scenario for kids and parents to explore. (1 hr, ages 6 months-5 years)

The Class for Little Babies - Come learn fun and useful ways to play with your new little baby! This infant class teaches moms and dads a wealth of activities, songs and games designed to support baby's all-over development.  Chloe's teaching style is engaging and fun while remaining casual, low key and supportive.  This gives parents the perfect opportunity to meet friends with similarly aged children.  The Class For Little Babies is the perfect first parent-and-me class to enjoy with your child!
(45 min, 2-8 months)