Here&Now Yoga+Body - Family Yoga Classes

Opening Day: September 2nd

Here&Now has a great selection of kids classes!  By introducing children to yoga with a playful, relatable approach, they respond with joy and receptivity.  Our kids classes encourage the use of imagination and creativity while instilling core life skills like attentiveness, confidence, and body awareness. Fun and age-appropriate postures often mimic animal poses or draw from nature, sometimes incorporating sounds for breathing like "bumble bee breath," or a roar in "lion pose." Preschool Yoga, ages 3 to 5.

Prenatal yoga is beneficial for all stages of pregnancy to maintain physical strength while staying emotionally centered.  This strengthening, alignment based class is designed to help condition the body, breath, and mind for labor and motherhood.  

Parent&Baby Yoga -- now you have no need to find a babysitter! New parents can take a mixed level class knowing that their baby is getting all of the attention she needs.  It is also a great way for new parents to socialize.  Recommended for babies ages 3 weeks to 18 months. 

Family Yoga is a healthy and  fun family outing!  Family members come together to enjoy a series of image based, strengthening poses.  Our instructional, supportive guidance provides a playful and accessible yoga experience for everyone in the family with a variety of postures and breath.  

Tweens&Teens get away from their screens and focus on improving strength and flexibility in both body and mind. 

Address: 138 Garth Rd, Scarsdale, NY

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