Nana's Kids

At the time of publishing I was informed there is limited availability for children over their entry age of 6 weeks.

Most of Nana's staff have been with her for the ten years plus she has been in operation.

Ideally located close to the train station, Nanas Kids are your eyes for your children and will let you know if they see anything that concerns them and they ask you do likewise so they can help.

They only do full time care and the costs is $1650 a month for an infant and $1575 for a toddler. if you have a second child you receive 10% reduction. 

Whilst no website I am informed toddlers are taken out twice a day weather permitting and the pre-schoolers get to take trips to places like the Children's Museum amongst others. 

Child/Staff Ratio: For infants it is 7:3 and toddlers 5:1 but in the afternoon it becomes 3:1. Pre-schoolers is 12:3

Staff are also available to babysit.

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday 6.45am - 6.45pm

Manager: Nana

Phone: 914 777 1618