Every library program in Westchester in One. Easy. List.


We've got big news on BabyGotChat.com: We've been copying, pasting, clicking, adding, modifying, formatting, and zoning out during Project Runway in the hopes of putting together a complete list of weekly Westchester library programs with times, locations, age groups, and descriptions. 

It's never been done, and it had to be done. So we did it. 


Here it is. And it's beautiful. I never want to see another post on the Facebook groups that says "Where can I take my 6-month-old during the week?" or "Anything going on today?" or "Free stuff to do on a Wednesday morning?" Your excuse meter has been set to 0. There's bound to be a program near you for your age group on the day of your choosing. Hooray! A big shout out to the BGC OG, Rosalind, who launched this endeavor back in 2015.

Now, a quick user's guide!

There are two pages of lists: 

  • One at-a-glance list page that shows just the program titles arranged by day and location. You can click a title to read more and see the time and age group.

  • One page that lists the programs with descriptions that is arranged by date and time. This page has excerpts with age groups and any restrictions, such as registration required or open only to library cardholders of a specific town. Click on a title to read the full description.

Okay, have at it! And remember to confirm with the library that the class you want to attend is meeting on the date you want to visit. These programs are weekly, but some take a break near the holidays and/or are interrupted by special library events.


If you like this list, tell your friends, share it on a Facebook group page, link to it to answer social media queries on what to do...basically get the word out there. Because no one else should have to scour the event calendars of more than 40 local library branches to figure out the best thing to do on a Monday afternoon. 

And don't forget to join us for our November 4-week meetup, every Monday from 10:30am - 12:00pm. Sign up here!

See you at the library!