Get Pampered with your BFF in Pampers - Mommy & Me Day at the Salon

Hi everyone!

I hope Back to School went smoothly. Our little one sailed right in with no issue. Let's hope week 2 is just as good. After a summer of sun, sand, and chlorine, I was in need of a little TLC. Lucky for me the salon emporium BLVD in Scarsdale came to the rescue. A toddler in a salon? For hours? While I'm getting treatments? Read on to see how our Mommy & Me spa day went.

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When it comes to salons, kids are either loved or hated. I've heard horror stories about new moms who tried to bring their infant in a car seat with them to a manicure and either got turned away at the door or glared at by staff and other patrons. No mom needs that stress. Thankfully, BLVD is more than just kid-tolerant, even more than just kid-friendly. They were kid-loving!

BLVD is made up of four brands: Dreamdry for hair, Spruce & Bond for hair removal and peels, Valley for manicures, and Pucker for makeup application and eyelash extensions. I wanted to try a few treatments that could be watered down for my 2-year-old and I to do together, so I settled on a blowout, manicure, and makeup application. 

We came in and started with blowouts. My little one has been averse to having her hair touched lately, so she was happy to just watch me have mine done. They washed my hair and I picked from the menu of blowouts and updo services. I chose a half braid at one side of my crown with the rest down and wavy. 



While I was getting blowdried, curled, and braided, she was off at the manicure counter getting her nails done. I chose a clear polish with small flecks of glitter for her. There wasn't much to do in the way of cuticles or buffing, but she enjoyed holding her hands perfectly still and watching them paint it on. My hair took longer than her manicure, so the technicians entertained her and set her up in the chair next to me with some cartoons on one of the salon's iPads.


Next up it was makeup. It was early in the morning, so I decided on a purple smoky eye and soft lip. My daughter was still squeamish about getting her hair done, but the hairstylist was so patient. While I was holding still in the makeup chair unable to discipline beyond yelling threats without moving any muscles in my face, the staff was helping her stay seated, brought her juice, worked on cajoling her into getting an updo, and reset her inevitable iPad crashes. I couldn't believe how nice they were. My kid is cute, but no toddler is a good time for a stranger for more than 15 minutes. They never made me feel like we outstayed our welcome. 


When my face was finished, she got to sit down for 5 minutes of "makeup." Her look consisted of translucent nude eye shadow and a bit of pale pink lip gloss. After a year of playing with her own fake makeup at home, she was so excited to get to try it for real. Score one for Pucker!

Makeup completed, it was time for the service I was looking most forward to: a gel manicure. Valley, the nail station, is for hands only, so you'll have to get your pedicure someplace else. But they have great colors and fun specialty treatments like foil, glitter, rhinestones, etc. I settled on a Tiffany blue polish with rainbow foil on the ring fingers.



While I had my nails done, my daughter was finally talked into a fast and loose braid updo and was seated next to me with an episode of Peppa Pig and a juice box. She was excited to watch me get my nails done, especially the extra flair on my ring fingers. 

All in all, it was a great morning. Sure, it's not as relaxing as being in the salon alone, but if you have a little one who is game for a bit of pampering and can hang out while you get your services done, BLVD is the perfect spot to unwind and get pretty. 

My hair and nails were $50 each, and a full face of makeup was $80. Her nail treatment, considered a "polish change" was $20. I walked out feeling like a million bucks, and she was ready for the most beautiful beauty sleep of her life. 

If you're interested in having your own Mommy & Me salon day, head over to BLVD or call your preferred salon to see if they are kid-friendly, then charge the iPad, grab a few travel toys, and book away! I can't wait to do it again with her when she's a bit older.

BLVD is having a few promotions this month. See below for info from their most recent newsletter. They are also launching a Founding Membership Program with discounts all year long. Visit their website for more information.



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That's it for this week! As always, check our website for events and weekly library programs. See you next time!