Baby Races and Ninjago at Legoland Westchester

On your mark, get set, go! The NYC Triathlon Diaper Derby was held this past Friday. In its eighth year, the Diaper Derby is a crawling race among about 30 young athletes. Dubbed “The Slowest Two Minutes in Sports,” this race is more about personality than agility. Who will get distracted by the photographers? Who will freeze at the starting line? Who will focus on the remote control being waved by mommy and crawl over without delay?  

BabyGotChat’s resident infant, Cameron, was our representative from Westchester. He was entered in the race weeks earlier, and I was sure he’d be crawling on race day based on his older sister's progress at his age. But he's a lover, not a crawler, and when we arrived at the midtown NYC Hilton, he still hadn’t taken his first…uh…what’s the crawling version of a first step?

But he had enthusiasm! He had fun putting his special onesie and bib and hanging out with the babies on the mat. And funnily enough, he wasn’t the only baby not to move when the announcer shouted “Go!” In the end, the prize went to 11-month old Brooke from Dallas. But I think Cameron picked up some tips on the racetrack because he ALMOST crawled today.



Early this morning (well, early to some. A mom's 7am is like a normal person's 10am) we visited LEGOLAND Discovery Center at Ridge Hill in Yonkers to check out their new Ninjago play space and celebrate the launch of their two-week event "Kids vs. Grown-Ups Imagination Build-Off Challenge". This 5-minute faceoff has parents and kids competing to see who can design the most creative LEGO structure. Winners will be entered for a chance to win a private build session with our Master Model Builder. If you want to participate, visit the LEGO Master Builder Academy inside the Discovery Center July 17th-20th and July 24th- 27th at 3:30pm an 5:30 pm.

WPIX 11 News was there, and my little one got her fifteen minutes of fame. Click here for the video.

If you haven't been to Legoland recently, they have remodeled their play structure to be more LEGOfied than their original basic play place. Ninjago City Adventure boasts areas to climb, balance, and spin to your heart's content. At the Discovery Center there are also two amusement-park-style rides, a theatre, a toddler area with giant foam LEGOs, a girly LEGO Lounge with couches and pink blocks, and a snack bar with LEGO cash registers. My little one ran around for hours. She was a bit too small to climb into the play structure without my help, but rumor has it they are starting up their Little Playtimes for toddlers in the fall, where you can bring your preschool set without worrying about getting slammed by the older kids. We'll be back this fall with a review.

Want to see for yourself? Win a Family Four Pack! To be entered in the drawing, email with your full name, hometown, and phone number. I'll be collecting entries until July 31st. 

For discount admission to LEGOLAND, mention the code WPIX to save 20% at the door or buy your tickets online here

That's it for this week! As always, check our website for events and weekly library programs

See you next time!