Hoff-Barthelson Music School

Hoff-Barthelson Music School, Westchester's premier community music school, was founded in 1944 by Virginia Hoff and Joyce Barthelson, two gifted musicians who believed that the joy of music and the skills to perform it should be available to everyone. They left a legacy that has touched the lives of many thousands: a warm, friendly music school dedicated to the highest standards of music education, performance, and community service for students of all ages.

Since its establishment, Hoff-Barthelson has received national recognition for its unsurpassed leadership in education, performance and community service. Our comprehensive approach combines individual instruction, musicianship courses, ensembles, and frequent performance opportunities offered year-round.

A commitment to creativity, collaboration, and community animates Hoff-Barthelson’s holistic approach to music education, which is characterized by:

  • A supportive musical environment for all ages – 9 months through adult
  • A focus on the whole student
  • Customized learning
  • Exceptional teaching
  • A multifaceted curriculum.

Early Childhood Program – beginning at 9 months
Our early childhood classes catalyze the development of children’s minds and bodies through Dalcroze Eurhythmics, a renowned teaching method that pairs music and movement. Hoff-Barthelson is known for one of the largest faculties of Dalcroze-trained and -certified teachers in the United States.

Weekly classes for preschoolers incorporate exercises and games that involve singing, moving,
improvising, and using small percussion instruments to promote keen inner hearing and rhythmic
sensitivity. Appealing, colorful materials such as balls, hoops, scarves, and puppets inspire learning activities and appeal to the imagination. Even the very youngest children develop focus, spatial awareness, fine and gross motor skills, social skills, and the ability to work with others—all while having fun together.

In parent-child classes, a joyful bond grows between the children and their adult caregivers as they sing together, listen, and move with the music. Beginning at age 3, Hoff-Barthelson offers a variety of classes for children who enjoy attending music class independently.

Instrumental Classes for the Young Beginner
For families interested in taking the first steps in learning to play an instrument, Little Pipers Recorder Classes, Suzuki Pre-Twinklers for budding violinists and Beginning Ukulele are hands-on classes for older threes and up.

For more information call (914) 723-1169, visit www.hbms.org, or email hb@hbms.org