Little MisCakes

It all started by accident in 2012 really, a "MisCAKE" if you will. In need of a cake for her annual Superbowl Party, Tara took it upon herself to trust her artistic talent and the baking/cooking genes that are in her family bloodline, to make her own custom cake. From there, she took advantage of every family event and friends' birthdays (even her own) to volunteer and build an edible creation to celebrate these memorable events. 

It's a great challenge to always take on a more difficult or extreme cake, to test her abilities and be able to deliver. And deliver quality. Integrity and pride lead Tara to have an attitude where delivery of a mediocre product is not an option. Whether it be a birthday, a graduation, a bridal shower or any other event, to know that her cake will be a part of someone's memories is what drives her passion. 

With a secure career as a dental hygienist, you could say this all happened by mistake. And that's how Little MisCakes was born. 


Tara Passaniti, Ossining, New York 10562