Wolf Conservation Center

The Wolf Conservation Center teaches people about wolves, their relationship to the environment and the human role in protecting their future.

The Wolf Conservation Center (WCC), founded in 1999 by Hélène Grimaud, is a private, not-for-profit environmental education organization located in South Salem, NY. The WCC’s mission is to promote wolf conservation by teaching about wolves, their relationship to the environment, and the human role in protecting their future.

On site the Center has a number of wolves kept safely behind caged fences but in ample land.

We came for a children's day and had a brief introduction to wolves, how a pack works, the different types of wolves, how they became endangered and what the Center does to help protect their future.

From there we went to visit some of the wolves, howling to get them to come to the fence. The children loved howling and it was great to hear the wolves howl back. 

The wolves were fed a snack of chicken (kindly donated by Whole Foods!) but tend to be fed deer or other animals. The Center has a deer drop or if you see a dead deer not he side of the road call them and they will pick it up for their wolves!

The Center has parking although you have to walk up a steep hill from the parking lot.  You could at a push bring a stroller but some of the paths are wooded and steep so children may need to be carried. The Center welcomes children of all ages but the program is more geared towards children who are in school or entering school.

Programs are by appointment only and fill up fast but a greatly enjoyable day learning about these great animals, some of which are on the verge of extinction!


Wolves of North America - September 13

Evening Howl for Pups of All Ages - September 19