Spotlight: Speech & Hearing Services at Phelps Hospital

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One thing we love about Westchester is that even though we are not a big city, we still have access to state-of-the-art healthcare. We’ve partnered with our friends at Phelps to give you info on their caring and cutting-edge hospital in Sleepy Hollow. They offer services across a wide array of health concerns and utilize the latest technology to help their patients, with a mission to improve health, sustain the environment, educate the community, advance professional excellence and provide quality, comprehensive care in a safe, modern environment. That’s a pretty big To Do list!

As a mother, it’s reassuring to have this exceptional resource nearby. Knowing I have a trusted and caring hospital so close to home makes routine checkups and the possibility of unforeseen emergencies much less nerve wracking.

Speech & Hearing Services treats those of all ages and impairments. What parent hasn’t worried that the real reason Junior never listens is that … well … he actually can’t hear? Research has shown that the development of speech and language in hearing-impaired children who receive hearing aids early on is drastically better than those who don’t, so it’s great to know Phelps offers these audiological evaluations. Maybe there are concerns about why your child is a picky eater? It could be related to a feeding or swallowing issue. Speech-Language Pathologists can help in that area, as well as many other late-developing milestones related to speech-language pathology.

Check out this video for more information.

The amazing team at Phelps create a happy and warm environment for your kids. Audiological care begins at birth—staff screen the hearing of every newborn to ensure healthy ears from the start. The Speech-Language Pathologists assess and treat a variety of concerns including speech disorders like articulation and fluency, central auditory processing disorders, learning disabilities, feeding and swallowing disorders, cognitive and language delays and disorders in children and adults. Whatever path you’re on, the specialists at Phelps will work with you to improve speech and hearing function.

If you, your child, or someone you know may have a speech or hearing impairment, you can call 914-366-3010 to talk to a Phelps specialist or schedule an appointment online.

This sponsored content is in partnership with Phelps Hospital.

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