Where to have sniffle-free fun this allergy season.

Hi everyone! Guest blogger Winnie Cheng is back to talk to us about a tear-inducing issue: seasonal allergies!

Spring is here and so is pollen. Hay fever season usually begins in late spring, peaking around June and July. If your child is anything like my daughter, then his or her eyes are watery, nose is plugged and you’re frantically trying to avoid the great outdoors when the pollen count is high. However, hay fever does not need to restrict your child’s physical activities. Studies have shown that regular exercise can be beneficial in combatting hay fever symptoms. Here are some ideas to keep your child occupied and physically active.

The Beach

A trip to the beach is a great alternative to playing on the swings at the playground or taking a stroll through the park. The beach usually has lower pollen count than inland, as the ocean breezes tend to blow the allergens away. The best time of day to plan this outing is mid-day or afternoon, as pollen levels are lowest during this time. Your child will have an amazing time building sandcastles and splashing in the ocean. Just remember to pack some sunscreen and drink plenty of water. For a nearby beach, check out Harbor Island in Mamaroneck. Click here for more info.


Tennis is an awesome sport for your child to indulge in, as it aids in improving hand-eye coordination, aerobic and cardiovascular fitness, as well as boosting his or her immune system. You can rent a court by the hour at South Shore Indoor Tennis in Port Chester – no membership fees required. Click here for more info.



Dance classes are an excellent alternative if your child does not enjoy outdoor sports. Dancing is a highly physical activity and aids in improving overall physical health, promotes stronger teamwork, as well as improving posture and flexibility. Check out Central Dance in Scarsdale. They offer a range of different dance classes for preschoolers, from ballet to hip hop. Click here for more info.


Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are usually reserved for the rainy days, but there are times your child’s allergy symptoms are simply too intense to go out. Here are some ways to keep them mentally stimulated:

• Create masterpieces of soap, candles, lotion, and lip glosses. Check out Sparklicious in Mount Kisco. Click here for more info.

• Become a chocolatier and make art from chocolate. Check out Chocolate Works in Scarsdale. Click here for more info.

• Craft showpieces of pajamas, bags, skirts, aprons, pillows, and stuffed animals. Check out Sew Happy in Rye or White Plains. Click here for more info.

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