Nutfree Bakeries in Westchester

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Welcome to baking season! Just today we made some M&M cookies for our local library’s bake sale, and who isn’t thinking about Thanksgiving desserts, holiday cookies, and baked goods to give teachers, mail deliverers, and everyone else who helps us out each day. With three December birthdays in my family, it seems like we spend Halloween to New Year’s in the kitchen.

But baking today isn’t what it used to be. When I was a kid in the ’80s with a nut allergy, the world was a big, scary, unlabelled place. Now we have labels, warnings, stickers, and even safe zones! In the news, American Airlines just allowed us nut zombies to board their planes first so we can swab down all the surfaces since apparently the rest of you Just. Can’t. Stop. Eating those damn airplane peanuts in flight.

If your kid is school or daycare age, chances are they have restrictions on what kind of food they can bring in for snacks or celebrations. If you don’t want to make everything yourself, where can you run out for nutfree baked goods? Read below for our exclusive list of nutfree Westchester bakeries.

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Stop & Shop, various locations
Look for the nutfree sticker on mini cupcakes and other baked goods made in store.

ShopRite, various locations
Similar to Stop & Shop, look for the nutfree sticker on mini cupcakes and other baked goods made in store.


Treasure Mills School Safe cupcakes, various locations
These peanut and nutfree mini cupcakes come in vanilla and chocolate and can be found in several specialty grocers across the county, including Whole Foods and Costco. They also sell nutfree cookie bars, brownie bars, and other treats.

Divvies vegan and nutfree cupcakes, various locations
This brand takes it one step further, offering nutfree AND vegan products. Their cupcake production is on hold until Christmas, but around the holiday season you can check for them at several specialty grocers around the county including, DiCicco Family Market, Mrs. Green’s Marketplace, Whole Foods, Balducci’s, Fairway Market, Bronxville Natural, The Only Mart, and Food For Thought. They also make specialty cookies and cookie sandwiches as well as baking chocolate.


Cerbone’s Bake Shop, Rye Brook
With the closing of Heisler’s, Cerbone’s is the only nutfree bakery with a traditional storefront in Westchester. Walk in and peruse their selection of nutfree goodies. They even do sugarfree and gluten free. They do not label, however, and if your school requires a nutfree label from a pre-packaged cake you may not be able to order from here. We haven’t tried them yet but we’ve heard they are delicious!




For Goodness Cakes,
This Mount Vernon based bakery is the work of middle school teacher Christina Liptrot. In addition to traditional cakes, she does pies, cookies, bread, doughnuts, muffins, and more and can cater to gluten free, dairy free, soyfree, and vegan. They deliver and can ship anywhere in the US. We recently ordered a vegan nutfree birthday cake and it was a delight!

Flourish Baking Company,
This specialty bakery is located in Scarsdale and offers nutfree, organic, and vegan cakes and cupcakes as well as other desserts. Typical pickup hours are Monday through Friday. They do special orders with about 3 to 5 business days’ notice.

Zoom Catering NY, Scarsdale
This catering company started by two moms offers kids and adults take-home lunches and dinners, or order a tray full of nut-free school treats for the whole class! Think outside the cocoa bean with carrot, parsnip vanilla, or chocolate zucchini cupcakes.

That’s it for this week! I hope you find something to satisfy every type of sweet tooth!

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