It's Good To Be a BAD Mom... Join Us!

Hi everyone!

A while back we dove deep into the crazy world of Facebook Mom groups. Now we're back to talk about my favorite: BAD Moms of Westchester! Read on to learn more about this group and how to join us on our wine tour, mommy's night out, or just get loads of support on our no-bitchyness-please message boards. 


But first, did you get your tickets to the annual Muddy Puddles Mess Fest? Read more about it here. And you can get $5 off your tickets with the code BABYGOTCHAT! Click here to registerKids under 2 attend for free!



BAD Moms of Westchester

This group started as a refuge for castoffs who were kicked out of that other Westchester Moms group (and yes, there are that many people who have been kicked out!). BAD Moms is unapologetically ... well ... unapologetic. This is the group where you can post things like "My child is making me crazy" and no one will mom-shame you. What you'll most likely get is "Me too!" followed a bunch of GIFs of people drinking wine.

BAD Moms was started in 2017 by Alessandra Suarez, a Yonkers mom with two toddlers. She felt like so many Facebook groups were run by middle school bully types. There had to be other moms like her and she wanted to find them. She was right—the group has quickly ballooned to more than 5,000 members. Despite its size, it feels more like a group text with your besties. BAD Moms maintains its hundreds of daily posts and comments with little to no drama.

Alessandra loves that there are the OG regulars who help shape the tone of the group, and the newbies who come in and exclaim, "I love this place!" A series of Paul Rudd GIFs will typically follow. This forgiving group won't kick you out unless you get judgey, so save the "I would never!"s for the other mom groups. 

It's been such a hit that there have been several IRL spinoffs. Join us for:


Mommy's Night Out drink nights. These happen whenever a member posts "Let's go out. Who's with me?"



An official BAD Moms Wine & Cider Tour scheduled for October 14 in collaboration with The Little Wine Bus. A busload of lovely ladies will be leaving from Westchester to go to the North Fork of Long Island to experience tastings, nibbles, raffles, grape stomping, light bites. There will be goody bags and a souvenir wine glass! Want in? Email for more info.

The BAD Moms Book Club meets monthly (or whenever the hell we can finish the book) to discuss only the most critically intellectual literary offerings, you know, like Nicholas Sparks!



T-Shirt Posse. Take your BAD self offline and snag some BAD Moms gear. They've got t-shirts for mom, kids, and infants, as well as tank tops, hoodies, and a hat. Show your Westchester mommy love and snatch one up. Click here to order.



Weekly giveaways! Check the page every Wednesday for the chance to win great prizes. Past giveaways have included a sleep training phone session, baby gear, a treatment at the Lice Clinic, teethers and teething jewelry, a free season of Soccer Shots, and a free kid's haircut at Dolce Vida Kids Salon. 

BAD Moms Brunch organized by group members whenever the fancy strikes. Or you can set up your own!



Play Dates galore! All you have to do is say "Who needs to get out of the house with these tyrants?"

Members can post anytime to set up get togethers, so join us and find your mom squad.

That's it for this week! Hope to see you Saturday at Mess Fest! As always, check our website for events. And if you like what you're reading, help keep the computer screen on by following us on Facebook or Instagram and signing up for our weekly emails at

See you next time!