White Plains Pediatric Dental Group

Dr. Dave and Dr. Aimee have created a family practice that Westchester parents have come to trust and their kids love!

The reason is simple: Teaching children how to take care of their teeth in fun and interesting ways helps reinforce healthy habits. Healthy habits like brushing, flossing and eating right are the best ways to prevent cavities and gum disease.

For each child, an individualized cavity prevention plan is created to reduce costly and potentially uncomfortable procedures in the future. This includes a risk assessment that takes into account genetics, oral hygiene, habits and diet. If the child has formed a habit, like thumb sucking, there are options such as behavior modification techniques as well as habit breaking appliances. They also discuss a very important part of cavity prevention-fluoride treatments. Digital X-Rays, which use 90%less radiation than traditional X-rays, are given judiciously. The practice doesn’t believe in “routine” X-rays. They are taken based on a patient’s dental history and risk of dental decay.

Along with treating infants, toddlers, young children and adolescents, White Plains and Larchmont Pediatric Dentistry also offers Orthodontic care and services for the older children including their parents. It offers many options when it comes to braces (regular, clear and invisalign) The children also enjoy picking out their favorite colored rubber bands.

Other services the office offers are space maintainers, tooth whitening, white/tooth colored fillings, preventive sealants and tooth remineralization procedures(filling without drilling). The doctors also custom fabricate mouthguards both for injury prevention for use during sports as well as nightguards to protect against grinding/clenching which can lead to future TMJ problems.

Valley Pediatric Dentistry

Sure we’ve got a great office with entertainment for your kids, but our greatest feature is our team! Our team does more than work on smiles—they help form lasting and trusting relationships with children and parents alike. Our team loves kids; that’s why they have chosen to work here. Because we are pediatric specialists, we make children feel special. We know that children are not all alike, with each one growing in his or her own unique way dentally and emotionally. Our focus is not only directed towards your children but towards you, as parents, as well. Making our parents feel comfortable and confident about their child’s care is our priority. We are fully aware of the fears and anxieties associated with dentistry and strive towards alleviating them through empathy, patience, and our own distinct way of providing pediatric dental care.

We believe that children become part of the cavity-free generation by taking pride in their healthy smile and responsibility for their oral hygiene early on. Together, we can help your child attain a healthy smile for a lifetime!

Summerfield Pediatric Dentistry

Located on Summerfield Street in Scarsdale, New York. We are a pediatric dental practice devoted to excellence in dental care for children and adolescents in Westchester County.

Our office, the vision of Dr. Vali Mohammadi, specializes in the oral health of infants, children and adolescents, including dentistry for children with developmental disabilities. By focusing on behavioral needs and providing age-appropriate care, we create a friendly, open environment. While we use state of the art dental technology and the finest in clinical methods, our point of pride remains our dedication to patient comfort and safety.

Scarsdale Pediatric Dentistry

Our office is committed to providing you with the highest quality of dental care. We will make every effort to ensure that your first visit with us is a comfortable and informative experience.

Situated next door to the Little Gym, parents highly recommend Dr. Wayne Turk, Dr. Lisa Patchen & Dr. Ann Lambert