Wellness Parties - Making Healthy Cool for you and your children!

Let us come to you for a lively and intimate wellness party (invite up to 10 friends to join)! We’ll lead a straightforward, practical discussion about the most delicious, healthy, and SIMPLE ways to feed your family… naturally.

We’ll share the nuts and bolts of childhood nutrition, and reinvigorate your food choices- from the best available organic milk and meat to strategies for avoiding GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms, found in most corn and soy products).

We’ll wrap up with healthy meal demos and share our favorite family-friendly recipes.

Content can be customized – whether for expectant moms or for those with babies/toddlers/ young children.

The charge is $25 a person to cover cost of materials and food or if there is a party of more than 10 it would be $20.

$50 gift cards will also be given to everyone who attends to use towards superfood products.

Contact : Kim at momsmakinghealthycool@gmail.com