Jodi's Gym

(9 mos - 3 yrs)
Exclusively for members in our adult/child classes.  Enjoy 45 minutes of fun for you and your child in our fantastic play gym. Your child will have time to explore slides, tunnels, and other fun climbing shapes while meeting new friends. Members are entitled to enjoy 3 free playtimes each week (that’s over 50 per semester!)  Adult Participation. Schedule is subject to change. Playtimes are not available during scheduled breaks. (i.e. Dec Break, Spring Break)
Members may register for playtimes up to one week in advance. Siblings 3 yrs old and under may register for $15/day. To reserve your spot, call 212.772.7633.
Summer 2015 Playtimes schedule: 6/29-9/4/15
Tues 12:10-12:55
Wed  12:10-12:55
Thur 2:45-3:30