A family portrait where the piggy backs are included…

As many of us are busy preparing for the holidays and beyond, a firm fixture on many a parent’s planning list is having photos taken for the family. Whether it is now for the holidays, a graduation shoot or maternity and then newborn, it’s always great to capture these special and too quickly gone moments.

This week, I had the pleasure of being able to observe the incredible Silvana DeFrancis, a family photographer who specializes in family, newborn and maternity shoots as well as listing high end fashion shoots on her impressive resume, when she was photographing some families in lower Westchester.

When I arrived to observe the shoot, I assumed the child being photographed, as he played happily under the trees, was a family member as they were so familiar with each other, to the point that he was given piggy backs as they happily skipped to different spots in which to capture that magic moment. However, this was not a family member and only when you meet Silvana can you truly understand her vibrant manner. There’s an instant warmth about her, that is not contrived, and her level of energy will rival even the most active toddler. The families I observed that day, from sisters and parents to a young boy happily playing away, were all at ease and most importantly having fun!

Silvana has an eye for that perfect shot and will lie down on a bridge or go vicariously near a river to get the perfect angle. Watching her was a work out in itself and it’s fantastic to see how passionate she is as well as how much she cares for her clients.

Not only does she have an eye but she also possesses a never-ending supply of energy and this is captured in the breathtaking photos she takes. One of the parents I met said she has been coming back to Silvana each year as she is such a natural and even when her son has not wanted to cooperate, Silvana somehow manages to capture that fleeting moment when he was happy and carefree, so much so that the mother struggles to choose which photos! 

It can be a tough choice deciding on the many great photographers in Westchester but Silvana’s name comes up time and time again.

On booking a session with Silvana she will guide you through the process and has given us some helpful tips when planning for a shoot:
•    Make sure you all wear a color that suits the whole family. So don’t put your husband in pink unless you can all carry that color.
•    If you are photographing a young child make sure you schedule the shoot for the child’s ‘happy time’ so shortly after a nap
•    Bring along a toy or two that will help keep the child entertained.
•    Wear very faint horizontal stripes as this does not photograph well and can not always be flattering

Silvana shoots on location in Westchester, in a studio, and is available to come to your home.

Silvana DeFrancis Photography
Email: silvana@silvanadefrancisphotography.com
Phone: 914-230-0610
Website: www.silvanadefrancisphotography.com